Silvius Leopold Weiss was acknowledged as the greatest lutenist of his age, composing over 600 pieces for the instrument organized into suites or sonatas. In these arrangements for guitar, Danijel Cerović has selected the only two of Weiss’s sonatas to have been given poetic titles, Sonata No. 29 ‘L’Infidèle’ (‘The Infidel’), with its bell-like sonorities and triumphant conclusion, and Sonata No. 28 ‘Le Fameux Corsaire’ (‘The Famous Pirate’), thought to refer to the buccaneering pirate Blackbeard. Cerović also includes two of the great Tombeaux, elegies of profound and poignant depth.


Capriccio in D Major (arr. D. Cerović for guitar)
1. Capriccio in D Major (arr. D. Cerović for guitar) 00:02:33
Lute Sonata No. 29 in A Minor, “L’Infidèle” (The Infidel) (arr. D. Cerović for guitar)
2. Play with flash player I. Entrée 00:03:56
3. Play with flash player II. Courante 00:02:04
4. Play with flash player III. Sarabande 00:03:39
5. Play with flash player IV. Menuet 00:01:39
6. Play with flash player V. Musette 00:03:21
7. Play with flash player VI. Paysanne 00:02:13
Tombeau sur la mort de M. Comte de Logy (arr. D. Cerović for guitar)
8. Play with flash player Tombeau sur la mort de M. Comte de Logy (arr. D. Cerović for guitar) 00:10:07
Passacaglia in D Major (arr. D. Cerović for guitar)
9. Play with flash player Passacaglia in D Major (arr. D. Cerović for guitar) 00:05:24
Tombeau sur la mort de M. Cajetan Baron d’Hartig (arr. D. Cerović for guitar)
10. Play with flash player Tombeau sur la mort de M. Cajetan Baron d’Hartig (arr. D. Cerović for guitar) 00:07:05
Fantasia in C Minor (arr. D. Cerović for guitar)
11. Play with flash player Fantasia in C Minor (arr. D. Cerović for guitar) 00:02:14
Lute Sonata No. 28 in F Major, “Le fameux Corsaire” (The Famous Pirate) (arr. D. Cerović for guitar)
12.  I. Allemande 00:04:49
13.  II. Courante 00:03:51
14.  III. Bourée 00:02:05
15.  IV. Sarabande 00:04:40
16.  V. Menuet 00:02:13
17.  VI. Presto 00:03:33

Total Playing Time: 01:05:26


The versatility of the suite form proved well suited to Johann Sebastian Bach in his instrumental works, and the English Suites are no exception. These are distinct from Bach’s other suites with their quasi-improvisatory opening Preludes, and further movements encompassing a wide range of moods and styles from lively dances to the pensive intensity of the slow Sarabandes. The Montenegrin Guitar Duo’s fresh and historically informed performances of these works have been acclaimed as “simply ravishing” (American Record Guide). Volume 1 of this two-volume series can be heard on Naxos 8.573473

I. Prélude 00:04:30
II. Allemande 00:03:30
III. Courante 00:01:26
IV. Sarabande 00:02:07
V. Menuet I – II 00:02:47
VI. Gigue 00:03:08

I. Prélude 00:05:01
II. Allemande 00:03:19
III. Courante 00:02:04
IV. Sarabande 00:02:46
V. Passepied I – II 00:03:08
VI. Gigue 00:02:46

I. Prélude 00:07:50
II. Allemande 00:03:34
III. Courante 00:02:25
IV. Sarabande 00:02:33
IV. Double 00:02:48
V. Gavotte I – II 00:03:48
VI. Gigue 00:03:46

Recorded at St John Chrysostom Church, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, 18–21 September 2014
Producers: Norbert Kraft & Bonnie Silver
Engineer & Editor: Norbert Kraft
Strings: Savarez Guitars: Andres D. Marvi, Granada (GK); Simon Marty, Sydney (DC)
Booklet Notes: Graham Wade
This recording is co-financed and supported by the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture
Special thanks to: Carlo Marchione, Vanja Lisjak, Norbert Kraft and Rachel Schiff
Cover Photo of Montenegrin Guitar Duo by Luka Bošković

(arr. Montenegrin Guitar Duo for 2 guitars)
1. I. Prelude
2. II. Allemande
3. III. Courante I
4. IV. Courante II
5. IV. Double I
6. IV. Double II
7. V. Sarabande
8. VI. Bourree I – VII. Bourree II
9. VIII. Gigue

(arr. Montenegrin Guitar Duo for 2 guitars)
10. I. Prelude
11. II. Allemande
12. III. Courante
13. IV. Sarabande
14. V. Bourree I – II
15. VI. Gigue

(arr. Montenegrin Guitar Duo for 2 guitars)
16. I. Prelude
17. II. Allemande
18. III. Courante
19. IV. Sarabande
20. V. Gavotte I – II
21. VI. Gigue

Produced by Vanja Lisjak, Morris Studio, Zagreb
Published by the Montenegrin Music Center
Recorded at Dom udruge Češka beseda, Zagreb

1. Deciso (Tango No. 1)
2. Andante (Tango No. 2)
3. Allegro (Tango No. 3)

4. The Argentine Knife Thrower
5. Spanish Riders on Greek Horses
6. The Wax Museum
7. The Duck Race
8. Plik, the Flea of the Andes
9. The Ural Magic Voice and the Don Cossaks
10. The Fire Brigade “On Ice”
11. The Yogi who Dissappears through the Key Hole
12. The Orchestra Says Good-Bye​​

13. Allegro ritmico
14. Adagio, rubato
15. Allegro molto

Danijel Cerovic

Domenico Scarlatti (1685 –1757) : Sonata K 144

(trans.Carlo Marchione)

Domenico Scarlatti (1685 –1757) : Sonata K 380
(trans.Carlo Marchione)

Fernando Sor (1778 –1839) : Fantaisie élégiaque op. 59 “à la mort de Madame Beslay”

Mauro Giuliani (1781 –1829) : Grand Sonata Eroica op. 150



1. Giulio Caccini (1546−1618) | ”Amarilli mia bella”*
2. John Dowland (1563−1626) | ”Come heavy sleep”
3. John Dowland (1563−1626) | ”Come again”
4. Antonio Vivaldi (1678−1741) | ”Sposa son disprezzata”*
5. Antonio Vivaldi (1678−1741) | „Andero Volero Gridero”
„Like a String of Jade Jewels”| six native american song
6. I the song
7. We only came to dream
8. Like a string of jade jewels
9. The agaya crab
10. In the mids of the paths
11. I die and lie dead here
12. Manuel de Falla(1876−1946) | Siete canciones populares espanolas